What is a Honey Cake

Indulge yourself in something you have never tasted before, something unique and exceptional. A honey cake is a specialty from Eastern Europe made of a gravity-defying stack of airy cake layers slathered with glossy honey-cream frosting.  

Be Part Of Our Journey


Golden Bake Shop is a newly opened bakery offering unique cakes and other products originally from Eastern Europe. Our journey started as a hobby, however, the passion for making something different and desirable has persisted and we are now standing here to offer YOU something you will want to die for.

We strive to deliver our customers the cake they want to keep going back for again and again.


Help us build something unconventional which differs from everything else you have ever tasted. Once you feel the cake melting in your mouth you will know that next time is coming soon.. 


Our Services

We offer a wide range of varieties for all occasions: birthdays, weddings, corporate events or house parties. 


Family Recipe

Our recipe is an old family recipe passed from generation to generation. It's being continuously enhanced to meet your expectations and let you experience something you have never tried before. 

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Tel. 0404 186 844

       0404 355 235

18/148 High Street, Southport 4215 QLD

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